Virtual Camps

The virtual camps are run via Zoom. We invite tutors to teach students about real-world biological topics that are not necessarily in the school curriculum, and also hold debates which give students the opportunity to discuss biological ideas and form their own ideas on the topic.

Virtual Camp 2021

Date: 28-30 August 2021

Location: Online

We have hosted our inaugural international Virtual Camp. Student participants used their existing knowledge and knowledge given by us to apply
principles in novel research scenarios applicable to current news. Workshops were led online by tutors who will help guide teams of participants through real-life scientific conundrums in Biology. They were introduced to novel research including examples such as:


  • the science of pandemics
    and its vaccinations,
  • regenerative/stem cell
  • organ transplantation
  • cancer biology and therapy
    to name a few. 

They were also taught and discussed the following with their peers:

  • Methodological robustness
    of impactful and influential scientific studies
  • Statistical analysis and
    how to interpret data  
  • Communicating and discussing
    findings clearly and succinctly
  • Simplifying abstract
    scientific concepts 
  • Using effective language to
    persuade audiences
  • Speaking and presentation

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